African Farm

African Farm

Time management game that has the player rescue and care for exotic animals
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Rescue exotic animals from the African wilds, feed them and keep them safe. Build a wildlife preserve and upgrade it as you go.

In this free simulation game, you run a farm of exotic and endangered animals. Your mission is to take care of these animals so they can go back to the wilderness. To achieve this, you need to feed them and cure them if they are ill. When recovered, each animal produces money. You can collect this money to buy food and keep the animals healthy.

This is easier said than done. When an animal is about to produce money, it starts to glow. You need to put the cursor over it and click on it as many times as possible. Each click is an additional amount of money. The more money you get, the more food you can buy.

When you get enough money, you can purchase another animal. This young animal will not produce money until it grows, so you need to give it enough food without neglecting the other animals. The more animals you have, the more money you can get, but also, the process of feeding them and collect money is more complex.

When an animal is recovered enough, it can go back to the wilderness. When this happens, you receive an additional amount of money so you can pass to the next level, which is even more difficult.

All in all, this free game is entertaining and fun. Nevertheless, if you look for an action game, you may find it boring after a while.

If you enjoy simulation and strategy games, you may want to give it a try.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free to download and use
  • Simple, but has many different levels, each more difficult than the previous one
  • Good graphics and sounds


  • Although it is an entertaining game, it can get boring after a while
  • The developer's webpage opens automatically when you close the game
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